Welcome to JRoyal Productions, capturing A MOMENT IN TIME. I'm Daniel, CEO and founder.

Life has a mysterious way of surprising us with unexpected twists. Originally, I had set my sights set on getting a 9-5 job after leaving high school, but it soon became evident that God had a different plan in store for me. Photography and Filming found me, and I’m so happy it did. From that moment on, I knew I had discovered my true calling.

How did I get here?

A year after I left high school I came up with idea of starting a photography business for parties and birthdays, but this was without knowing how difficult it would be and how much dedication it would take. I was 19 years old after purchasing my first camera and after doing that I didn't get inquiries for months, but that didn’t shake my motivation. I began getting small birthdays photo sessions in my community until I started being recognized by others across Jamaica. 
Slowly but surely I landed my first wedding. With that I realized my specialty was in weddings and creative photography. Cinematography followed right after in line with creating artistic wedding films.

This job is amazing!

As a wedding & creative photographer and cinematographer, I have the privilege of capturing the most exquisite and beautiful moments of all my clients. For weddings It’s an absolute honor to be trusted with documenting these beautiful celebrations of love, and I approach each wedding with a dedication to excellence and an artist's eye for detail.

Daniel: the evolving photographer.

My journey as a photographer has been one of continuous growth and learning, and I am eager to share the knowledge with upcoming photographers or cinematographers and to guide them along.
Beyond my love for photography, my identity is woven into various roles. As a man of God, the Lord has brought me this far in life with all I have acquired, from my skills to equipment he has provided for this company. I am a devoted husband, cherishing the love and support of my wife on this incredible journey.  

Daniel: The artist

When I'm not immersed in the world of photography and filming, you can often find me engulfed in painting or designing art, and spending time with my wife. Just as I find inspiration in love stories, I am also deeply moved by all forms of art, from paintings to music, which continually fuel my creativity.

JRoyal Productions

capturing 'your' moments in time

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. Together, let's capture moments that will last a lifetime and create a perpetual legacy of love and greatness through the lens of JRoyal Productions.